Welcome to UPR-PRISE a NIH/NIGMS-Funded undergraduate research training program in UPR-Ponce for Biology Major students

The University of Puerto Rico Ponce Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (PRISE) is a 5-year training program funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant # R25GM096955. By fostering competitive research with a particular focus on the biomedical sciences, UPR-PRISE advances the mission and goals of the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce. Additionally, our proposed research plan enhances the academic and technical capabilities of qualified undergraduate students creating a pipeline of well-trained students that complete B.S. degrees in Biology and pursue graduate studies in Biomedical Sciences. Special emphasis is also placed on responsible conduct in research, community-based learning and college retention.




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Our proposed Supplement Research Training Plan is compiled as a Certification entitled: Principles and
Applications of Biomedical Research Tools: From Scientific Curiosity to Hands-on Approaches (PABRT). The PABRT Certification will consist of ten (10) 3-hour workshops to be offered during the academic year and a special Emphasis Project in Bioinformatics…..Learn More…

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