Martin Hill, Ph.D.

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Ponce Health Sciences University


Professional Preparation

George Washington University

Degree: PhD, Pharmacology.

Specialty field: Drug Metabolism and Disposition.

Minor: Physiology.

Dissertation: Studies on the maternal and fetal inducibility of alpha1-acid glycoprotein and cytochromes P-450.

Advisor: Dr. Fred P. Abramson


New Mexico State University

Degrees: BS, Biology. BA, Psychology.

Minors: Chemistry, English.



-Abramson FP, Moore CF Sr., Hill, MD. (1986) Medroxyprogesterone acetate does not induce cytochrome P-450 and only weakly induces alpha1-acid glyco¬protein in beagle dogs. Res Comm Chem Path Pharmacol 53: 65-78.

-Hill, MD., Craft JB Jr., and Abramson FP. (1986) Elevated plasma glyco¬proteins in sheep do not bind basic lipophilic drugs. J Pharm Sci 75: 881-882.

-Hill, MD. and Abramson FP. (1988) The significance of plasma protein binding on the fetal/maternal distribution of drugs at steady-state. Clin Pharmacokin 14: 156-170.

-Hill, MD., Briscoe PR, and Abramson FP. (1989) Anomalies in the plasma proteins that bind propranolol in sheep. In “Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiological Functions and Pharmacology of alpha1-acid glycoprotein,” P Baumann Ed., Alan Liss, New York.

-Hill, MD., Briscoe PR, and Abramson FP. (1989) Comparison of propranolol-binding plasma proteins in sheep with those in humans, dogs, and rats. Biochem Pharmacol 38: 4199-4205.