Vanessa Rivera Amill, BS, PhD

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Ponce Health Sciences University


Professional Preparation

 -Washington State University, Pullman WA Ph.D. 2001 Microbiology

-Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce B.S. 1997 Biology


Rivera-Amill V, Noel RJ Jr, Orsini S, Tirado G, Garcia JM, Buch S, Kumar A. Variable region 4 of SIV envelope correlates with rapid disease progression in morphine-exposed macaques infected with SIV/SHIV. 2007. Virology 358 (2): 373-383. PMID: 17011009

Pérez-Casanova, A., Noel, R., Rivera-Amill, V., Husain, K., and Kumar, A. Morphine mediated deterioration of oxidative stress leads to rapid disease progression in SIV/SHIV-infected macaques. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2007 Aug;23 (8):1004-7. PMID: 17725417

Perez-Casanova A, Husain K, Noel RJ Jr, Rivera-Amill V, Kumar A. Interaction of SIV/SHIV infection and morphine on plasma oxidant/antioxidant balance in macaque. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008 Jan; 308(1-2):169-75. Epub 2007 Oct 13. PMID: 17934700

Noel RJ Jr, Rivera-Amill V, Buch S, Kumar A. Opiates, immune system, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and nonhuman primate model. J Neurovirol. 2008 Aug; 14 (4):279-85. PMID: 18780228

Rivera-Amill V, Noel RJ Jr, Rivera-Roman I, Garcia Flores Y, Buch S and Kumar A. Analysis of the V1V2 region of SIV envelope in the brains of morphine-dependent and control SIV/SHIV infected macaques. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2009. May; 25 (5):531-4. PMID: 19397400 PMCID: PMC2853860