Alonso Caraballo, Yanaira

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Faculty: Biology

Concentration: Biomedical Sciences

Active Member: September, 2011 – June, 2013

Current Status: Currently Enrolled in a Ph.D. Program at the University of Michigan

Meetings & Conferences:

  • ABRCMS 2011 Convention. St. Louis, Missouri. November, 2011
  • Experimental Biology 2012 Convention. San Diego, California. April, 2012
  • Summer Internship: Graduate Experience for Multicultural Students (GEMS) Program, University of Colorado Denver, Colorado. Summer 2012

Research Internships:

  • 2012 GEMS Internship Program, University of Colorado Denver


Tittle: Can Haptoglobin Attenuate Hemoglobin-Induced Vascular Damage?

  • Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, 2012. San Jose, CA (Nov 7-11, 2012)(Oral)
  • Experimental Biology, 2013 (April, 20-24, 2013. Boston, MA)
  • 33rd Puerto Rico Interdisciplinary Scientific Meeting & 48th Junior Technical Meeting. (Univ. del Turabo. March 9, 2013. Gurabo. PR)(Oral)
  • UPR-Mayaguez 2nd Annual Undergraduate Symposium (May, 2012. Mayaguez, PR)